2010 Yunnan Sourcing "Big Snow Mountain" Wild Arbor Pu-erh tea cake

Description of vendor:

Big Snow Mountain (大雪山) is one of two Big Snow mountains in Lincang prefecture. One is in Mengku county and the other is in Yong De county. Our material is entirely First Flush of Spring 2010 material from Yong De's Big Snow Mountain. The environment from which this tea comes from is a natural un-managed tea garden filled with trees and tea bushes between 60 and 150 years old at an altitude of about 1800 meters on the south-western slope the mountain.


The tea itself is full of intense cha qi and is somewhat bitter and astringent.  The mouth-feel is strong and fills and stimulates the mouth long after it has been drunk.   There is a slight flower aroma that will become more obvious with aging.  This is a tea to be aged for sure, with the needed strong and intense character to become a well-rounded and textured tea with each step of aging.

  • Stone-Pressed in the Month of May 2010, 250 grams per cake!
  • Bamboo leaf wrapped tong of 7 cakes also available for discount


  • Příprava.

3,5g na 100ml gaiwan či konvičku

Voda : 85-95C ,5s opláchnutí, louhovaní 30s poté mírně zvyšovat vhodné na Gong Fu styl



  • FF sběr 2010
  • Plná intenzivní cha qi, která je trochu svíravá na konci květinová
  • Čaj má potenciál k dalšímu zrání
  • Dávám 10/10 bodů

Výborný pu erh, který krásně dozrál, má krásnou texturu, plná intenzivní chuť s květinovým aroma. Vřele doporučuji

Vzorek zaslal: www.yunnansourcing.com



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