Review of Tea: Teaneer Flow Green

Review of Tea: Teaneer Flow Green

Vijayalakshmi Natural Farm : Vijayalakshmi Natural Farm is an ancestral farm with plants ranging from about 70 years to 25 years old. Their initiative is to maintain their plants using Biodynamic Inputs, which they began doing in the year 2008. Thenceforth their gardens are sustained only with biodynamic input ranging from BD500 to BD508. The farm is located at 2200-2400 feet elevation.

The farm is managed by three poeple and maintained by contract workers that are paid 200-400 INR per day ($5-6.50 per day), much higher than the average of India.

Their farm is committed to providing quality teas. They learn the art of tea making by working with it directly. Their mission is to provide teas as good as nature provides it. They keep learning about tea every passing season.

Their teas are exclusively handmade right from fine plucking until packaging where they involve only our own family members in the process. They never make teas on a cloudy or rainy day, and predominantly do sun drying except for the final drying. Above all they are learning new things each passing day from the plants and people whom we are involved with (people like you) and love to pass all this knowledge in the final form as their teaneer teas.


Description :

This lot is the flush after the winter and has very good characteristics after some initial showers of light to medium rainfall. The processing conditions were very ideal with excellent sunshine throughout the complete processing until the teas were stored after final drying.

The farms have been maintained only with biodynamic inputs BD 500 to BD 508. The farms are located at an altitude of approx 2300-2400 meters above sea level This teaneer flow variety is a pan fried green tea with every stage in processing which is hand made right from fine plucking through hand rolling and sun drying and final firing.

  • Grower: Vijayalakshmi Natural Farm
  • Lot Size: 10.00 lbs
  • Region: Nilgiris, India


Reviews by Čaj Room :

  • Ručně zpracovaný čaj
  • Tmavě hnědý suchý list, plně oxidovaný, pěkné rolovaný se svěžím vegetativním aroma.
  •  Nálev plné, kulaté a vegetativní chuti
  • Nálev tmavě oranžové barvy
  • Dávám 7/10 bodů

Tento čaj je ideální pro běžné pití a pro nenáročného čajaře. Voní lehce po sušeném seně a chuť nebyla příliš výrazná.


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