Darjeeling Castleton Muscatel ftgfop-1/DJ85 SF 2012.

Darjeeling  Castleton Muscatel  ftgfop-1/DJ85 SF 2012.

Info from Dealer :

An exceptional quality tea plucked from the pure china bushes of this world famous garden in Darjeeling. The dry leafs are smaller in size and has a very rich aroma of chocolates and dates in this state. When steeped for about 4 minutes this classic Darjeeling tea releases golden liquor in the cup.

The flavors that raises high above the cup reminds of exotic fresh fruits. Each sip releases a blast of fruity flavors of ripe mangoes and cherries and ends with a delicious muscatel taste which stays on the palate for a long time.


A superb tea and a rare find of the harvest which will surely be a tea lover`s favourite cup!


Rating tea room:

  • I give 8/10 point
  • Good quality sheet.
  • The rich aroma of chocolate.
  • classic Darjeeling tea releases golden liquor in the cup.
  • Taste exotic fruits , Mango , cherries and ends Muscatel
  • They last long in the mouth


Vendor : Tea Emporium Indie - www.teaemporium.net


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