Darjeeling First Flush 2013 Jungpana White Tea

Description of vendor:
Grown at the highest elevation, mix of P312 and AV2 clones, this white tea has great complexity for the regular tea drinker. Completely hand made, its two leaves and a bud are the perfect representative of an almost perfect tea manufacturing. A aroma of various herbs rolls over your tounge. Bold for multiple steepings - it is an excellent tea (not to mention very healthy) for a meditative mood. :)

Dry Leaves
Grade: FTGFOP1
Aspect: Perfect two leaves and a silken bud
Colours: White leaves and silver bud
Scents: Sweet rose

Brewed Leaves
Colours: Medium Green
Scent: Complex medley of flowers and fruits

Flavour: Blend of notes/flavours
Colours: Crystal clear white liquor
Aromas: Unique aroma of complex herbs

Steeping Instructions
2 Tsp
85-90 C
3-3.5 Mins
Jungpana EXN6 - https://www.jungpana.in/

rating :
9/10 points, tea worth trying

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