Darjeeling Giddapahar Spl.Musk sftgfop-1/DJ79 –SF 2012

Darjeeling Giddapahar Spl.Musk sftgfop-1/DJ79 –SF 2012

Info from Dealer :

A very well made tea plucked from the high elevation china bushes of this plantation in Darjeeling. The dry leafs are well sorted and processed and releases a delicious aroma of freshly baked cookies and bread in this state.


When this tea is steeped for about 4 minutes and stained into a cup, it releases slightly dark liquor. Each sip reminds of ripe and sweet grapes which further ends with a musky and mellow after taste on the palate.
This is the best batch that rolled out of this garden at the peak 2nd flush harvest period.

We guarantee that this vintage style classic 2nd flush Darjeeling tea will be appreciated by all tea lovers.    

Rating čaj room:

  • .I give 9/10 points
  •  • Excellent tea, Darjeeling height shrubs
  •  • smells like baked cookies and bread
  •  • Dark Infusion
  • • Taste the sweet notes of ripe grapes and musky mellow after taste on the palate .
  • • The best tea production this

Vendor : Tea Emporium Indie - www.teaemporium.net

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