Review of Tea:Darjeeling Turbo Tippy Clonal ftgfop-1 Dj 186 2nd flush 2013

Thurbo Darjeeling Tea Estate: Thurbo is a very famous name when it comes to Darjeeling Tea. As with most Darjeeling tea gardens, there is a unique story behind its name which is based on a historic event. The British set up a camp in this estate to invade Nepal. The word camp is known as 'Tombu' in local dialect and hence over the years the name has become Thurbo.

The hills and peaks of Nepal are visible from here as it is located in the shadow of the mighty Kanchenjunga. Small streams and rivulets mark its boundaries and the Mechi and Rangbang gurgle down to the plans with orange orchards and orchid farms lending an exotic charm to the tea. Thurbo's indigenous clonal teas have unique character, which when combined with other 'jats' like P316 & AV2 grow matchless autumnal teas. The teas imbue a rare and delicate fragrance. Its China hybrid is bright and flavorful and the Assam hybrids are both round and sweet.

Description :

A great tea plucked from the high elevation P312 and S1240 clonal bushes of this beautiful and reputed plantation of Darjeeling. The dry leafs are finely sorted and are small in size. This excellent tea also consists of small and shiny silver tips. The dry leafs gives out delicious aroma of honey, oranges and slight hint of dry forest leafs.


  • Area: Darjeeling
  • Estate: Thurbo
  • Harvest: 2nd Flush
  • Year: 2013
  • Designation: FTGFOP1
  • Country of origin: India – Darjeeling

FTGFOP: Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe.“


When steeped for complete 4 minutes the cup gives out bright yellow/orange liquor and a unique rose like aroma raises high above the cup. Each sip is super smooth and reminds of exotic ripe oranges and pineapples.


Preparation: 5 teaspoons (15g) per 1l of boiled water, cooled down to about 85°C, steep 2 - 3 minutes.


An excellent quality 2nd flush 2013 Darjeeling tea perfect for the afternoon cup!


Hodnocení čaj roomu:

  • Jemně tříděný list malé velikosti
  • Clonal P312 a s1240
  • List vonicí po medu,pomerančí a lesních plodů
  • Nálev světlé zlatavé barvy
  • Chuť po pomeranči a ananasu
  • Dávám 10/10 bodů


Nádherný darjeeling ze zahrad Turbo si vás získá příjemnou vůní suchého listu, když ho připravíte, ucítíte o nad šálkem vůni růže a v ústech se rozjede chuť zralého exotického ovoce, hlavně pomeranč a ananas a tím si vás dokonale podmaní, ideální na odpolední relax, vřele doporučuji.


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