Review of Tea: Daughter's Ring Early Spring Green Tea - Ming Qian Nu'er Huan Tea

Description of vendor: One farmer works 7 days produce only 1 to 1.5 kg of this artisan tea. Each ring is handmade from one bud one leaf early spring tea pickings. A pure organic and luxury green tea made from large leaf tea trees in Simao, Yunnan.

  • Tea Year :2013
  • Tea Season :Spring
  • Tea Caffeine Content :medium
  • Tea Region :Various Villages
  • Tea Province :           Yunnan
  • Time of the Day :morning, afternoon
  • Chinese tea name :   女儿环


Golden Earrings tea is another of China's wonderful artisan teas; it is hand made using elaborate processes that involve great care and skill to produce this especially beautiful and delicate tasting green tea. The making of Golden Earrings tea begins in the early spring when the young and tender leaves of Yunnan green tea are picked only when they consist of one bud one leaf.


When making Golden Earrings tea it's a good idea to use porcelain teapot and cups to get the best benefit from this tea. Of course, it's a matter of preference as to how much tea to use and this will become clear the more you experiment by making this tea. However, as a guide, try using about one teaspoon of the tea per cup. When making Golden Earring tea it's beneficial to steep with about 90 degrees Celsius hot water. It would be a shame to lose the delicacy of the flavour by steeping it too hot.

 Steep for no more than three minute. As the hot water does its work the leaves of the Golden Earrings tea unfurl and the beautiful scent of this green tea is released. One minute will probably suffice for a second brewing but for further brews using the same leaves allow them to steep a little longer.  You can experiment to find the steeping time and quantity of tea that suits you. Be aware that leaving the tea to steep for too long might make it to bitter. It's possible to brew this good quality tea for a maximum of five times - again this is dependent on your particular taste.


There is much to appreciate about Golden Earring tea; the craft of making this tea is meticulous and the result is an attractive delicate tasting tea that is relaxing and calming- Jasmine is well known for its calming effect- and the tender young green tea leaves give the benefit of health improving antioxidants which green tea has long had the reputation of providing.

Steeping Time: 2 min

Steeping Temperature :90 °C - 195 °F

Grams per Cup : 3 Gram


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  • Chuť je hladká, středně silná, s velmi mírnou hořkosti v pozadí, dobré jsou tři nálevy.
  • Dávám 9/10 bodů

Čaj vás zaujme svým tvarem, vypadá jak malé prsteny. Je ručně vyráběný a pochází z Yunnanu, kde jsou vždy kvalitní čaje. Vůně i chuť je zajímavá a krásně vyvážená, doporučuji ochutnat.

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