Review of Tea: LiShan Spring

Mountain Tea : Our Philosophy :Mountain Tea aims to bring a level of sophistication and quality not before associated with tea. Just as there are people who enjoy single malt scotch, vintage wines, and single origin coffee, we want to foster the same appreciation for tea in its purest form: without milk, sugar, or flavorings.

Our History:Mountain Tea began in 1977 with a small shop in Taipei, Taiwan, where we mastered brewing, tasting, and serving the perfect cup. Then, no longer satisfied with serving great tea, we sought to grow great tea. After searching everywhere for the best climate and soil conditions, in 1987 we planted our first trees in the Wushe mountains in Nantou county, Taiwan. Since then, Mountain Tea has expanded to two more tea gardens. All of our gardens are high elevation gardens.

Our Teas:Our oolongs are highly prized by tea connoisseurs. Our gardens' unique terroirs were chosen for their sharp differences between daytime and nighttime temperatures, allowing our tea to grow more slowly, thereby developing more aroma and sweetness; in addition, the abundant clouds and fog surrounding our mountains allows our tea to absorb more moisture. The result is award-winning tea.


Our Dedication to Quality :Mountain Tea is dedicated to supplying the finest loose leaf oolong tea experience possible. Because we are also growers, we're able to inspect our teas at every stage and ensure only the best quality. We take pride in crafting our teas using time-honored methods and traditions in order to provide you with the sweetest, cleanest cup possible.

Description :

LiShan is part of the Jade mountain range, where the highest mountains of Taiwan are found. The teas are grown enshrouded in mist and receive minimal sunshine. At night, temperatures can drop up to 30°F. These factors contribute to LiShan oolong's unmatched natural sweetness and unparalleled richness of flavor and aroma.


  • Grower: Mountain Tea
  • Region: Nantou, Taiwan


How To Brew : Use 3 grams (1 tablespoon dried tea leaves) for 8 fl. oz. water in your favorite teapot or infuser (use bottled drinking water for best flavor, let boil and sit to cool slightly for 2-3 minutes). Steep for 2-3 minutes to bring out the full flavor of the tea. Leaves may be infused at least 3 times.


Reviews by Čaj Room :

  • Lehce fermentovaný a pečený oolong
  • Barva nálevu je světle žlutá až jantarově žlutá.
  •  Vůně nálevu je intenzivní, příjemně sladká s ovocnými tóny po tropickém ovoci a cukrové třtině
  • Chuť  je velmi hladká, ovocná po tropickém ovoci, citrusech. Dozvuk je květinovo ovocný s jemným mléčným nádechem.
  • Dávám 10/10 bodů

Další výborný Oolong z oblasti Nantou. Je škoda, že nelze přenášet vůně, protože po otevření sáčku, se rozlila intenzivní vůně. Oolong výtečně chutnal a nejlépe si ho vychutnáte v gaiwanu, vřele doporučuji.


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